Kelsey Lafferty
Kelsey Lafferty

What are your Turnaround times?

Three weeks for weddings , One for engagement and lifestyle

How are photos delivered?

All of your photos are delivered with an interactive online gallery! You download all of your photos with a special PIN I give you upon delivery. You can even share your entire gallery with friends and family and control who sees what with a password. When you receive your gallery for the first time it has a how-to tutorial that shows up as well.

Can I print my photos?

Yep! All wedding packages come with a print release to use for personal use. To insure accurate color I highly recommend using these consumer printing labs are Parabo, Mpix, and Nations that regularly calibrate their printers.

How would you describe your style?

A mixture of photojournalism and bold editorial. My goal is to enhance the appearance of image without straying too far from what was really there.

Do you do Destination Weddings?

YES. I love to travel and experience new things, especially when I get to see and document people doing the same, being enthralled by each other and the environment around them.

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Absolutely, and it saddens me that it is even a question. LGBTQ+ couples are just that, couples. You're love is as important as any others.

How do you feel about pets being involved in weddings?

I LOVE animals and I miss all my babes when I'm out all day shooting a wedding so if you include your fur babes I'm a happy camper. Just promise me I get to give them cuddles in between the important moments.

What makes you different from all the other people I could hire?

I care a lot. I'm the epitome of an empath and I just want to see you and your fiance happy. I have a mind for details and a heart for feeling. I want you to feel like your photos represent the uniqueness of your love story and that sometimes means incorporating your favorite records, a shot inspired by one of your favorite songs, or your favorite movie or tv show. Those things matter to me because they matter to you.  Bringing emotions out of my clients comes second nature to me, or at the very least make it appear so. In fact many of the photos in my portfolio were followed promptly by giggles because I asked them to so something silly like petting your partners face, but hey it worked!