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Your wedding day is a gigantic celebration of the love you two share with everyone you care for gathered together in a beautiful display of humanity. That’s why recording these moments for a lifetime becomes so vastly crucial. Documenting a wedding day is important to all of us, but to me, it’s everything. I live for the moment you two see the images, and you’re transported back into time to that very day. It’s similar to the same rush of emotion and connection you feel when your favorite song unexpectedly plays, and reminds you of a precious memory. To me, photography is more than the tools I use, such as the lighting, angles, timing, and composition. It’s about capturing the very heartbeats of one of the most important days of your life with the eye of an artist, the mind of a historian, and the heart of a friend. Coming from a family of photographers going all the way back to my great grandmother, this puts a new spin on why it’s such an honor for me to be asked to document these moments for you: I’ve grown up learning to deeply care about everyone’s stories, and capturing those stories honestly and beautifully. Your day is everything to you, and it’s also everything to me! I can’t wait to hear from you about your dreams for your day, and how I can help make those dreams come true. Send me an email, and let’s talk!