Kelsey Lafferty
Kelsey Lafferty

Hey! I’m Kelsey Lafferty and I was definitely the artsy kid in high school. I was born and raised in Anchorage, AK where I lived for nearly 20 years surrounded by the majesty of mountains kissed by alpenglow and the sun mirrored on the Cook Inlet. This engrained in me a sense of adventure and thirst to feel fresh air on on my skin. I’m telling you this because I fiercely believe it’s a crucial part of my story and it inspires the way I shoot by including the whole picture, as cheesy as that sounds.

At 19 I fell hard and fast for my husband, Laurence who was stationed at the Army base in Anchorage. We eloped after only dating for 6 months but what can I say, when you find the person you just know! If you’re reading this you probably found your person so you already know that rush of love and excitement I’m talking about. His job took us to where we are now in Fort Bragg, NC where we have our large family of fur kiddos, Maddie, our old girl a 12 year old chow lab mix, Maxwell my baby, a 3 year old pittie/hound-ish mix, Daenerys (Yep we're HUGE Game of Thrones fan) a Siberian Husky puppy, and our two cats Coco and Molly. I basically work just so I can afford to buy them toys. We’ve now been married for 4 years.

I found photography in a few different ways. My great grandmother, grandmother, and mother all were photographers so that makes me a 4th generation photographer. My mom ran a dating magazine in Alaska I’d “help” on shoots with by using a board to blow models hair and the like. At 14 I bought my first camera, a Canon 40D and started shooting my friends and their band’s shows. I developed my own style through the years and assisted my mom on weddings. Once college came around I thought I would just keep photography as a loved hobby as I enrolled into the Anthropology program at UAA. I chose that because the reason we are who we are fascinates me and I yearn to know people’s stories and I was frankly scared at the time of following my dreams in photography. While I ended up not staying in the program because I chose to move with husband I took the opportunity to pursue what I’ve always wanted to do and I never looked back.

Now I spend my time capturing your love stories. 


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